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The Mechanical & Electrical systems are the arteries and nerve centers of buildings.

The high cost of owning, constructing and operating a building today presents a major challenge to Diab Engineering Consultants when developing concepts or designing the mechanical and electrical systems for projects.

Design and cost control figure so prominent that there is an instant call on total professional talent and skill, a combination addressing itself to the present while envisioning the future, the hallmark of;

Diab Engineering Consultants

The firm, because of its heavy international and diversified project experience and staff of skilled professional engineers, is able to provide a client, analysis, concept development and design excellence with a keen ability to plan projects within not only the initial construction budget, but also the operating budget for energy and maintenance cost.

Sensitive to the clients needs, the firm maintains an active research and development program and conducts extensive tests before implementing a new concept into a project. Consequently, this results in better concept development, design, increased performance, savings in construction cost and time, and finally, lower energy and maintenance cost after the systems are operational.

Controlling costs, construction time, equipment delivery and quality requires considerable diversified experience, mature judgement and creative engineering knowledge.

Diab Engineering Consultants regard each project as an example not only of creative engineering, but of practical economics.

Progressive minded, the firm, through the leadership of the founder, developed a number of innovative engineering systems making an increased operational, maintenance and construction efficiencies. This same philosophy is expressed and applied to all engineering services provided by the firm:


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